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Game Review: Remember Me

Genre: Action Adventure, Sci-fi, 3rd Person


The game takes place in Paris in the future where the company Memorize has created neural implants called the Sensation Engine (Sensen) that allows almost everyone worldwide to share memories as well as delete unhappy or unpleasant ones. This allows them to have a staggering amount of control over the population and to establish a survellience state.

You play as Nilin, a Memory Hunter part of a group called the Errorists, who are working to take Memorize down but was unfortunately captured just prior to the game start and had her memories wiped. Now you have to escape, regain what you lost, and take down the organisation that did it to you. Continue reading Game Review: Remember Me


Video Game Review – Broforce

Genre: Platforming, Side-scrolling, Run and Gun


Evil threatens the World. Satan is out to bring everyone under his power. Who do the people call? BROFORCE, an elite team of professionals dedicated to the art of excessive force. Use characters based on familiar action heroes such as RamBRO (Rambo) and BRO Hard (Die Hard) to kill everything and blow shit up!


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Dust: An Elysian Tail

Genre: Action RPG, Beat Em Up, Side Scroller


The game begins with your character, Dust, waking up in a meadow. He gets approached by a sentient sword known as the Blade of Ahrah, and chasing after him is a small flying creature named Fidget. Dust is revealed to have amnesia and is determined to find out who he is. Ahrah agrees to help him and Fidget, being the guardian of the sword (and doing a bad job of it) is dragged into following the two around. They then set off for a nearby village for answers. Will Dust find out who he is? What threatens the world of Falana they are in? Can someone tell me how to get a plushie of Fidget?


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