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AOS Campaign: Sylvaneth Treelord and Dryads

Continuing with the Campaign I talked about last time, two of the challenges were to have a Monstrous Creature and at least 20 models painted. Seeing as all my Sylvanath were newly assembled, I had my work cut out for me. Continue reading AOS Campaign: Sylvaneth Treelord and Dryads


KS Project: Spawn of Sharktipede

Second project by Clint Maclean (all 3d renders and photos are from the KS Project itself and are used with permission from Clint)

Clint Maclean has launched a second project in his Sharktipede line with 4 new monsters, Spawn of Sharktipede,  Currently with 17 days left, it’s managed to smash the original goal within the first 4 hours and is now over 200% funded.

To see an example of the first project, you can head over to my miniature review section where I evaluated his Berserker model.  Continue reading KS Project: Spawn of Sharktipede

Miniature Review – The Berserker


So this was a Kickstarter model from the Sharktipede project created by Clint Maclean. Clint has done some work previously for Hero Clix, Shadows of Brimstone and other miniature games and some video games as well. You can check out some of his work here.

The project was actually brought to my attention from Misty, who worked with Clint on her Damsels of Darkmyre Project and the arena game based on the lore, Warriors of Darkmyre. This was Clint’s first attempt at developing his own line of miniatures.

Continue reading Miniature Review – The Berserker