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Basing Tutorial: Toxic Waste Bases

So after posting pictures of my Necron bases, I received a few requests asking me how it was done. It’s a really quick and easy method which should let you churn out bases fast. So without further ado, here’s how you do it.

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Why I love Moonclan Grots by Eze

The lone Goblin,   the size of a 6 year old, pale green skin, gangly arms leading to oversized hands… a leering face with jagged teeth.   Slightly less menacing than a fluffy labradoodle….  but with a disposition of a cunning office worker.   Alone…  only useful for Squig food… but once he brings friends along….say 100 or more… then … and only then do they become slightly more menacing than a fluffy labradoodle. Continue reading Why I love Moonclan Grots by Eze

How To Pick Your First Army in Age of Sigmar

The new edition of Age of Sigmar (AOS) launches at the end of this month, 30th June 2018 and with it we’ll see an influx of new players eager to fight battles in the Mortal Realms. If you’re one of these new players, then this article is for you. We’ll explore the different factions involved and offer some tips on how to pick that first army of yours.

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Tabletop Review – The Walking Dead

Good day everyone! This is the Lion City Geek crew, Bryan, Eze and Russell. We’re here to talk to you guys about a new game taught to us by Ben from Blitz and Peaces, and we’re very excited to tell you how we feel about it!

Ben being a gracious host and teaching us the mechanics of the game.

Blitz and Peaces will be running a booth at the upcoming Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention(STGCC) on the 9th and 10th of Sept selling this awesome game. More details on this as well as some of their awesome deals at the end of the article, BUT FIRST!!

The starter box set with a couple of character expansion packs.

So some of you might have known about this, but fairly recently, Mantic games did a board game based on the hit comic and drama series The Walking Dead. For those who don’t follow the series, it’s basically about a group of survivors trying to survive the zombie, or more correctly known in the series as “walkers”, apocalypse. They are trying to find ways to live their lives as best as they can but they find out that the most dangerous things aren’t the dead but other humans and themselves.

This game follows the comic closely and thus have their characters based on that instead of the drama series. Without further ado, here are our views on this pretty amazing, and deadly game of All Out War. Continue reading Tabletop Review – The Walking Dead

W40K Campaign: Nimbosa Crusade

*(Until I get permission from the other players to use their names, I’ll just refer to them with initials)


So to encourage each other to get back into painting and 40k, a bunch of us are starting a private campaign we’re calling the Nimbosa Crusade. The Campaign is gonna be very relaxed so there isn’t gonna be much stress on participants but we’re hoping that at the end of 6 months, we would all have about 1000pts painted up.

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