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7 Fun Bits of Trivia/References from Age of Ultron

SPOILER WARNING- Obviously a post discussing the movie would contain spoilers but I’ve met people who complained before on movie discussion threads about no spoiler tags so I’m putting this here to cover my butt.
Last Thursday, I went to watch Avengers 2: Age of Ultron with a couple of friends. Short verdict: Really enjoyable though there was more focus on action and character building rather than plot, though will probably wait for the DVD where Whedon mentions he restores about 1 hour worth of footage he cut to make the movie not seem so long. It does give leads into some of the other upcoming movies so you should still watch it if you can.
Now on to the fun stuff. This is a list of some of the shout outs, references and upcoming movie hints that I managed to spot in watching the show.

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