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Comic Review: Roleplayers #1-4

Story and Art: Derek Chua
Publisher: Irrational Comics
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, School Life

Summary: A group of college boys have their Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TRPG) Session interrupted by a new member wishing to join their club – a pretty girl! Cassie, the new girl, quickly fits into their little group and hijinks involving the geeky crew soon ensue.


Story: Now when I first saw the cover and read a short description of the comic, I immediately thought it was going to be one of those typical stories using boobs to sell the comic. And for the beginning issue, this is mostly true as the players are in a session of Damsels In Dungeons playing characters in skimpy outfits and awkward poses. But as the series goes on, the actual characters take a front seat and we watch them interact and grow as Cassie joins in and takes part in their world. The comic also serves as a great introduction into RPGs and some other geek stuff.

As a geek, I’d say the story is really resonating with me as most of the stuff that occurs in the comic is immediately identifiable with something I’ve gone through, from the shenanigans during game sessions to the bumbling ways when a girl shows interest in our hobby to even the incident in #3 due to the rising popularity of Geek Culture nowadays.

Art: Derek draws some pretty good stuff. The art in #1 looked a bit off for me (some proportions seemed weird). Shareal’s (Eliot’s character) face also seemed more scary than pretty to me. But overall it improves after that and Derek’s style really shines as the local flavour injected into them makes them unique.

Overall: I like the stories and characters involved so far and am looking forward to reading further chapters. This is a good start for one of the local artists in Singapore and I hope others will support him and see him go far.

If you sometimes wonder what it’s like for us geeks, pick up a copy of the series to get an idea. The series does a great job in introducing concepts like RPGs and Cosplay. I would certainly recommend these to my friends.