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W40K Campaign: Nimbosa Crusade

*(Until I get permission from the other players to use their names, I’ll just refer to them with initials)


So to encourage each other to get back into painting and 40k, a bunch of us are starting a private campaign we’re calling the Nimbosa Crusade. The Campaign is gonna be very relaxed so there isn’t gonna be much stress on participants but we’re hoping that at the end of 6 months, we would all have about 1000pts painted up.

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AOS Campaign: 5-Way Brawl

5-Way Brawl, Realm of Fire. 

Player Armies:

Vashax (Sylvanath) Goal: Destroy Mushroom Patch

R’shoran (Vampire Counts) Goal: Assasinate Sylvanath Commander

Grotbag (Goblins) Goal: Assassinate Nurgle Commander

Orgrim (Orks) Goal: Assassinate Vampire Commander

Sir Rotsalot (Nurgle Rotbringers) Goal: Assassinate Goblin Commander

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AOS Campaign: Battle in the Realm of Fire

Nemesis Fight, Realm of Fire. (Bryan vs Russell)

Vashax Goal: Hold Objective

R’shoran Goal: Blunt (Destroy Dryads)

Vashax’s eyes flew open.The power coursing through his xylems felt good, a blessing from the Mother Tree that oversaw their forest. And he felt immense rage too. Rage at the vampire R’shoran for narrowly escaping his defeat and destroying Vashax’s old body. The vampire lord would pay the next time they clashed. Continue reading AOS Campaign: Battle in the Realm of Fire

AOS Campaign: Sylvaneth Treelord and Dryads

Continuing with the Campaign I talked about last time, two of the challenges were to have a Monstrous Creature and at least 20 models painted. Seeing as all my Sylvanath were newly assembled, I had my work cut out for me. Continue reading AOS Campaign: Sylvaneth Treelord and Dryads

Realms of Destruction Campaign (Age of Sigmar)

My local FLGS, Gamersaurus Rex, is having an Age of Sigmar Campaign right now as the new Archaon the Everchosen model has been released (handsome dude up there). Players will join either Order or Destruction to aid or foil Archaon’s plans. To be played over 3 phases lasting about 10 days each, it’s to get new and existing players to join in  the fun and forge new stories.

Sylvanath Warhost (pic from Games Workshop)

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