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Tabletop Review – The Walking Dead

Good day everyone! This is the Lion City Geek crew, Bryan, Eze and Russell. We’re here to talk to you guys about a new game taught to us by Ben from Blitz and Peaces, and we’re very excited to tell you how we feel about it!

Ben being a gracious host and teaching us the mechanics of the game.

Blitz and Peaces will be running a booth at the upcoming Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention(STGCC) on the 9th and 10th of Sept selling this awesome game. More details on this as well as some of their awesome deals at the end of the article, BUT FIRST!!

The starter box set with a couple of character expansion packs.

So some of you might have known about this, but fairly recently, Mantic games did a board game based on the hit comic and drama series The Walking Dead. For those who don’t follow the series, it’s basically about a group of survivors trying to survive the zombie, or more correctly known in the series as “walkers”, apocalypse. They are trying to find ways to live their lives as best as they can but they find out that the most dangerous things aren’t the dead but other humans and themselves.

This game follows the comic closely and thus have their characters based on that instead of the drama series. Without further ado, here are our views on this pretty amazing, and deadly game of All Out War. Continue reading Tabletop Review – The Walking Dead


Miniature Review – The Berserker


So this was a Kickstarter model from the Sharktipede project created by Clint Maclean. Clint has done some work previously for Hero Clix, Shadows of Brimstone and other miniature games and some video games as well. You can check out some of his work here.

The project was actually brought to my attention from Misty, who worked with Clint on her Damsels of Darkmyre Project and the arena game based on the lore, Warriors of Darkmyre. This was Clint’s first attempt at developing his own line of miniatures.

Continue reading Miniature Review – The Berserker