Basing Tutorial: Toxic Waste Bases

So after posting pictures of my Necron bases, I received a few requests asking me how it was done. It’s a really quick and easy method which should let you churn out bases fast. So without further ado, here’s how you do it.

First up, you need the following:

  • Your base
  • Wood pieces (I got these at a nursery cheaply. Just have to be sure to dry them out so rot doesn’t set in.)
  • Black primer
  • Grey and white paints
  • 3D fabric paints (I’m using fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow)
  • White Glue

That’s pretty much all you need.

Step 1: Select your wood piece and cut/break off pieces till your satisfied with the shape and then glue it to your base.

Step 2: Prime everything in black.

Step 3: Heavy drybrush the wood with your choice of grey. I’m using GW Mechanicus Standard Grey here.

Step 4: Now for the magic. Apply the green fabric paint around the base for your toxic waste. While it is still wet, squeeze some of the yellow in a few places to give it the appearance of other chemicals mixed in. Apply the paints thickly because they shrink when they dry. Leave the bases alone for a few hours to let the fabric paints fully dry.

Step 5: For the final step, just lightly drybrush white over the rocks and toxic wastes.

And that’s it. Your bases are done.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. If you enjoyed this, remember to follow us on Facebook to get more content.


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