Why I love Moonclan Grots by Eze

The lone Goblin,   the size of a 6 year old, pale green skin, gangly arms leading to oversized hands… a leering face with jagged teeth.   Slightly less menacing than a fluffy labradoodle….  but with a disposition of a cunning office worker.   Alone…  only useful for Squig food… but once he brings friends along….say 100 or more… then … and only then do they become slightly more menacing than a fluffy labradoodle.

Why do I love them so?  Cuz of all their whacky pet Cave Squigs, crazy mushroom addicted fanatical ball and chain wielding loons.  Their total lack of bravery making them run at the face of a strong wind… the randomness of having your night goblin shamans lose a whole turn after consuming a “bad shroom”. They can be a complete and utter disaster on the table….but!

Every once in a while, when the stars are aligned, they become an unstoppable force of nature.  With war machines sniping off enemy characters,  giant Mangler Squigs chomping through enemy regiments like a hungry kid at an all you can eat dessert buffet.  Fanatics deploying seemingly  from Nowhere to crash devastatingly into your opponent’s elite units.   Or … they could just mess up on their random attack rolls and do diddly-squat.

 Here is my army, with a whole mess of cave squigs leading the way

Here is my Mangler Squig that I converted from a kids toy, guess which toy line it came from?


This is my Grot Warboss,  with his little dino-squig

In conclusion, why play night goblins?  They are terribly “cute”,  an army that cannot really take itself seriously…. they hit like a tonne of bricks or a pillowcase of foam depending on the whims of the dice gods, making every game a test of luck & skill.  Full of tricks, but just as prone to a glorious victory as suffering a complete battlefield rout!  They may not have their own battle tome like some of the new armies,  with fancy spells, artifacts and command traits.  But hey…. they are goblins… born to die by the hundreds and cause amusement for all involved.



Join me for a game if you have some time,  massacre my little green gobbos and we’ll have a great laugh together!


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