Overbooked Review

No of Players: 1 – 4
Playtime: 15 – 25 mins
Ages: 8+
Genre: Strategy/Puzzle
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1956699228/overbooked?ref=nav_search 

Website: https://www.randomskill.games
Facebook: @randomskillgames

Contents of Overbooked

Have you ever had that experience where you are sitting on board a plane for a nice beautiful flight to a vacation or whatever  when the staff suddenly comes in and states that the flight is overbooked and throws you out forcefully? Unless you’re this guy I certainly hope you have not had this experience.

This game’s design was influenced by the events  of United Airlines removing David Dao out of a flight by force. Overbooked is a game where you try not to do exactly that but you probably would have to channel your inner United Airlines and start kicking people or even infants off just to win!

8fd3d1fad4f97f243e37a45e122d3eca_originalRules for Overbooked

Overbooked is a very simple game where you try to place passengers on your flight using predetermined placements that are chosen by you from a pool of cards that would be in the middle of the play area. Your objective would be to score the highest number of victory points compared to other flight supervisors.

LCG members Bryan (B) and Larhvin (L) sat down, played a few games at a board games gathering and here are their thoughts:

1) What were your thoughts on the setting of the game?
Setting it on airlines is actually a perfect setting for a game on corporate greed especially following that unfortunate incident. I actually think it’s quite inspired to create a fun game out of that.

L: I think that the setting of the game is rather interesting since it was inspired by true events and there are going to be times where you would have to “reenact” those events if you want to win.

2) How complex is the game?

B: Really simple to understand concepts. In the few games I played, everyone was able to pick the rules up within their first game with some only having a slight problem because they forget to check if their token goes on the aisle or middle seat. The thing that may cause some problems the first few times is probably determining the scores but you get used to it fast. Using a calculator is quite handy.

L: The gameplay isn’t complex at all and because it is very chilled, there is a lot of room for you to mingle between yourselves. However counting the victory points the first few times might be a little confusing you’ll eventually get it after playing the game 2 or 3 times.

3) Is there replayability for this game?

B: The deck has plenty of cards but you’ll probably only see about a quarter of them per game plus there are multiple ways to score. This really opens up the replayability of the game as there may only be cards you see for the first time in your 4th or 5th game and you may have different objectives per match.

L: The game has tons of replayability due to the fact that the cards are all different and you can always orientate the cards in any way that you want so that you can get the best seats for the passengers without kicking them off.

4) How did you find the components of the game?

B: The individual boards are not very big but they contain all the information you need without looking messy. Other than that, the passenger cards are clear and big enough to see where they go.

L: The components were very simple but the thing that stands out the most would be the double sided seating boards for various player amounts. The board gives you info on how to count your victory points as well as a place to keep track of your overbooked passengers and meals.

Components of Overbooked

5) How accessible is the game?

B: There’s no special terms or complicated rules so the game is very accessible, even for kids. The team also produced a simple rule video for reference in case people need a quick run through of the rules.

L: Actually there isn’t much lingo in this game that would confuse anyone. Even a person who never got a chance to fly on a plane would understand what is going on and if you need reference to how someone is evicted when they are overbooked just look at the video link provided. Hahaha, no don’t! Say please and thank you when kicking people of your flight.

6) What about the pacing of the game?

B: It’s fast enough that we sometimes had a few “Didn’t I just pick my card? It’s my turn again?” moments while playing. The last round tends to be a lot slower as you try to make the right choice to score last minute points (I apologise to the other guys for taking so long)

L: When we played the game the first round, we took it fairly slow but once we caught up with the rules and how to play, the pacing of the game increased tremendously. And because it can be finished in quite a fair time, playing multiple rounds of Overbooked is not going to be an issue.

Strategical Flight Booking taking place

7) What kind of audience would you recommend this to?

B: Those who enjoy puzzle games like Tetris or those match games as the gameplay for this is very similar. It’s a good game to bring to parties as well due to the simple rules and the small box.

L: I think is would be a game that is suited for everyone aged 8 and up as mentioned earlier, the rules are really very easy to grasp. This could easily be a party game for small groups of friends and family to play while having a talk of their day or whatsoever. This game could also entice people who love to play tetris because it does share some similar elements to it.

8) Any additional comments/final verdict?

B: Larhvin will probably agree with me, the only thing that was lacking is the interactions between players. You mostly concentrate on your own board and hope the other player doesn’t take the card you’re eyeing. But I would still say it’s a great game and would be a perfect gift for friends. Go back them on Kickstarter right now!

L: I really enjoyed playing this game but I would prefer having a little more interactivity with the players as it can feel that you are playing the by yourself at times with the minimum interaction that you have with players regarding in game stuff. Overall still a decent game to get for social, casual or competitive players.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .


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